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Sell Modern Artwork at Online Art Galleries

Most of the local galleries create at least 50-70% commission on anything they sell. The only way to avoid this 50-70% markup on all items of artwork such as Chinese artwork, military artwork, the artwork of Jesus, patriotic artwork, etc. is to buy directly from the artists themselves.

Keep in mind though that the artist will more than likely not sell a piece of art they are cheaper than it would cost them to sell it to an art gallery, but you still see a 50-70% reduction in price. You can also buy art prints online via www.londontradeart.co.uk/storeroom.

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That being said, if you buy directly from the artists themselves through an online art gallery, you can resell the art pieces with a price markup on your own online art gallery. An online art gallery that appears today as a place to buy and sell art.

This puts the ancient local art gallery out of business. With an online art gallery, the artwork is displayed throughout the world for everyone to see. With a local art gallery, your artwork is displayed only potential buyers locally where social factors and culture play a big part in the purchase decision.

Also in the online art gallery, you can buy a piece of art for the same cost of a local art gallery to get to by buying directly from the artists. You can resell the same piece of art in your own online art gallery for 30% -40% markup and have your competitors (local art gallery) beat by a long shot.

The Impact of Modernism on Art

Various trends of experimental and avant-garde that emerged from the middle of the 20th century is known as the so-called modern art. Modernism attempts to wrestle universal principles and it emerged as a result of this collision between traditional Historicism and the earlier tradition of art.

The artists rebelled against the previous trend of artistic form and try to make the technique more individual and original in art. You can also purchase high-quality modern art online.

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Modernism is not only the reform trend prior to art in artistic form, but on the whole, it is something more than that. Many of the ideas and thoughts conjugate in this modernist art. Even some thoughts reflect a series of ideas of Romanticism and Impressionism.

Some of the important ideas of the mind also reflect the artist, for example, the importance of subjective reality, the concept of objective reality. But the aftermath of World War 2, modernism emerged with new consumer and modernist culture that led to a radical transformation.

Basically modernism is a movement against the rules and norms of traditional art. Until the 20th century, art is essentially pictorial and based on themes and compositions that represent real-world ideas.

Thoughts of modernist between World War fit with other international art movements such as Surrealism, which is also influenced by the thought of Freud on dreams and their interpretations.