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Ways To Use Fire Extinguishers Efficiently And Conveniently

Basically the instructions to use a fire extinguisher is pretty much similar for all fire extinguishers. One of the simplest ways to remember the basic steps to use a fire extinguisher is to remember only one word that is PASS.

The full form of PASS is to pull, aim, squeeze & sweep. You can also get the best fire extinguisher facility in the UK.

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Although there is a number of fire extinguishers which have some different design one can always remember how to use a fire extinguisher by remembering only one word and that is PASS.

In almost all conditions these instructions work well for the water, foam, mist, and carbon dioxide fire extinguishers.


 Almost on every fire extinguisher, there is a pin which is located near the trigger which is of great use. One can make his or her fire extinguisher ready for use by pulling that pin.


This clearly means aiming the hose, nozzle or horn of the container and towards the fire by standing almost eight to ten feet away from it.


In order to bring the fire extinguisher into action gently or carefully press the trigger. By pressing the trigger or by squeezing the trigger the contents of the fire extinguisher will come out and create a blanket on fire which won’t allow it to burn for long.


This clearly means by holding the hose of the item one should sweep it over the base of the fire. This way one can ensure that the whole fire or burning element is getting hit by the contents of the fire extinguisher.