Why There Is A Need For Heat Treated Pallets?

Wood plays a vital role in the wood packaging industry for the shipment of goods in international trade. When importing and exporting goods, wooden materials play a major role in protecting goods against any type of damage. 

Wooden packaging materials include unprocessed raw materials made of wood. Unprocessed raw materials made of wood are a means of infection by parasites. The best way to kill the pest is to treat wooden pallets with heat treatment.

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An ISPM15 standard has been developed to control the pest in international trade. There may be a possibility of exotic organ transfer in wood materials during transport. To avoid and reduce the risk factor of pest control, the heat treatment process is used during the manufacturing of pallets. 

heat treated pallets online

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This helps to prevent the transfer of invasive species during the progress of international shipping. The presence of exotic organisms in wooden pallets can damage the shipping process with poor quality materials. 

In this process, the material is heated to a maximum temperature of 30 minutes. This helps to prevent the spread of pests in wood materials. In order to meet ISPM standards, manufacturers should be able to do this process to reduce the risk factor for pest control.

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