Future Proof Your Child’s Career With a Solid STEM Education

The three skills most commonly trained in higher education institutions are: critical analysis, argumentation, and communication skills.

Critical analysis is the key to understanding the situation appropriately and choosing actions that lead to favorable outcomes. Many employers need this.

They cannot automate this. The holiday programs for school kids helps the kids to learn better. The argument is about explaining why certain actions are taken instead of alternatives.

Finally, good communication skills are always needed because they help any organization collect and share information effectively. Organizations need effective sharing and processing of information to make the right decisions.

Unfortunately, as strong as these skills, they are not good enough for some fields that are rising rapidly in the economy. These fields require a strong foundation in the STEM discipline.

That's why parents who care to make sure their children will have a safe future career must see giving their children solid STEM education. Following are some of the rapidly increasing economic fields that require STEM familiarity.

Cloud computing

It seems like all software is quickly moving to the 'cloud' now. Unlike traditional software models users buy and install software on their local computers and interfere with keeping the software updated and safe, cloud computing allows users to access their favorite software packages online.

This 'disposable' model cuts the price of most computing services and also frees consumers from the two biggest hassles of owning local software – keeping it updated and free of viruses or malware.

This is just the first wave of cloud computing, there will be different permutations of cloud computing that will really leave the traditional software model. We talk about online offices and the manufacturing process.

Cloud computing companies need employees who have a strong STEM background in related software engineering and programming. Unfortunately, not many Americans have this skill. Cloud computing companies are forced to rely on imported or offshore IT labor.